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Lifting Chain & Fittings

System Rigging only offer the highest quality chain and components and are very proud of our relationships with the market leading suppliers and their products.

Chain slings are one of the most versatile and durable pieces of heavy lifting equipment. A chain sling and its components vary drastically depending on your specific lift. Here at System Rigging, our team of qualified professionals will assist in finding the perfect product and combination for you.

The technology regarding lifting chain & fittings is only becoming stronger and more durable. Our range features super competitively priced chain slings and lifting chains from all the recognised manufacturers, we offer all chain and components from Grade 120, Grade 100 and Grade 80.

Grade 120 is becoming more accessible, as well as more economically viable. The high-performance chain comes with BG-approval and has an added load capacity of at least 50% compared to Grade 80, with a reduction in chain dimension and chain tare weight. Currently only 2 leading manufacturers supply Grade 120, RUD and PEWAG, but we can offer and supply all options.

Australian Compliance
AS 3775.1:2014

Get in touch for your chain sling requirements:

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