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SR Man Cage

Rigging Hardware

System Rigging proudly works with leading manufacturers to sell their top quality rigging hardware and fabricated items. We provide a full range of equipment, including but not limited to:


Rigging Hardware

  • Lifting Points (Welded and Bolt Types)

  • Shackles

  • Clutches

  • Container Hooks

  • Clamps

  • Load Restraints

  • Ratchet Straps

  • Chain & Lever Hoists

  • Sheeve Blocks

  • Pipe Lifters 

  • Load Cells

Fabricated Items

  • Personnel Access Cages (Man Cages)

  • Personnel Rescue Cages

  • Material Cages

  • Lifting Cages

  • Pallet Lifters

  • Drum Lifters

  • Logistic Cradles

  • Lifting Beams

  • Transport Beams

  • Transport Stools

If you need assistance choosing the correct lifting equipment for your project, get in touch with our experts.

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