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System Rigging manufacture a range of steel matting solutions with both hire and sales opportunities available. We can provide steel mats in various sizes to suit all applications:

- All-Terrain Crane mats
- Rough-Terrain Crane mats
- Piling Rig mats
- Load spreading applications

We offer a range of crane pad sizes:
- 3.0m x 2.4m x 0.23m
- 2.0m x 2.0m x 0.23m
- 1.8m x 1.2m x 0.23m
For specialist projects and fit for purpose solutions, we can manufacture to specification on orders.



Polyethylene Cribbing 20135-01_edited.jpg


System Rigging are leading the industry in providing safe, cost-effective ground protection and equipment support solutions. We deliver both UHMW Polyethylene and Australian Hardwood Cribbing blocks.


Engineered to withstand extreme pressure, our high performing cribbing blocks offer incredible strength, rigidity, and load distribution. 

  • Engineered from high performance Ultra-High molecular weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)

  • Resistant to water, oil, and chemicals

  • Lightweight and easy to handle

  • All cribbing blocks are supplied with 12mm high strength rope handles for easy handling

We have standard sizes for immediate dispatch, otherwise custom sizing is available on request:

  • 1200 x 250 x 80mm

  • 1200 x 200 x 80mm

  • 1000 x 250 x 80mm

  • 1000 x 200 x 80mm

For Australian Hardwood Cribbing Blocks, please get in touch regarding availability, sizes and timber specifications.



We are Australia's first choice in providing safe, cost effective temporary access, ground protection and equipment support solutions. System Rigging provide a range of matting solutions in various sizes and thicknesses to suit all applications and industries:


- Crawler Crane Mats / Bog Mats
- Outrigger Pads
- Temporary Roadways and Construction
- Ground Protection
- Wind Farms
- Events
- Barging

Purchase, Hire and Buy Back options available and ready for immediate dispatch.


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