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Verton unlocks improvements in safety and productivity, with their world-first range of remote-controlled load-management systems

Using Verton's revolutionary gyroscopic technology, creating an output torque, precisely rotating and holding suspended loads without the need for taglines. Eliminating inefficient, costly, and unsafe practices from your lifting operations.


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VERTON Products


Available Now

Using Verton's gyroscopic technology to precisely rotate loads in either direction. This self-contained structural lifting beam has all the functions to effectively orientate any suitable load while giving unparalleled data visibility.

EVEREST SpinPod 7.5

Available Now

Verton's modular solution for precise remote load orientation. Using Verton's powerful gyroscopic modules, it provdes exact orientation control at a touch of a button. The Everest SpinPod 7.5 is a flexible, secure, and robust system that is ready to tackle your next project.

EVEREST SpinPod 30

Available Now

The next evolution of the SpinPod solution for remote load management. With a higher rotational capacity for larger loads. While featuring all the same impressive functionality for precise load control and orientation. Attaching directly to the spreader bar, to integrate with your existing rigging.


Design Phase

The Windmaster solution is Verton's latest innovation, unlocking improvements in safety and productivity. This adaptation of Verton's technology has been created specifically for lifting and orientating wind turbine tower sections, nacelles and turbine blades with the need for taglines.

The Verton Products are designed to make your operations


Same Job but, Safer

  • Hands free lifting solution, with suspended loads rotated remotely,

  • Removing workers from the drop zone and being in contact with the load,

  • Meet your Lifting Operation Standards by eliminating taglines

Same Job but, Faster

  • 25% less down time

  • 50% reduction in hook time

  • 20% reduction in overtime

  • Less time spent and fewer riggers required to orient and control suspended loads.

Same Job but, Smarter

  • Reduce and reallocate resources with only a single operator now needed to rotate loads

  • Gain superior oversight with dashboard integration, analysing live metrics from onboard sensors, IoT & smart technologies

  • Plan, track, analyse and benchmark projects to improve efficiency.

Find out how the Verton products will take on your lifting challenge

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