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Chain slings are one of the most versatile and durable pieces of heavy lifting equipment. A chain sling and its components vary drastically depending on your specific work. Here at System Rigging, our team of qualified professionals will assist in finding the perfect product for you.

System Rigging only offer the highest quality chain and components, and are very proud of our suppliers and their products. We offer all chain and components for:
- Grade 120
- Grade 100
- Grade 80




System Rigging modular spreader beams deliver a versatile and
cost-effective solution for your lifting requirements. A modular spreader beam consists of interchangeable components, which results in plenty of opportunity for different configurations and reus
ability. We provide a large range,  with both hire and sales opportunities available.


Our standard range of spreader beams:  34t, 50t, 70t, 110t systems, however if you have larger capacities or specialist requirements, we can design, engineer and manufacture a suitable lifting solution for you and your projects.

Our modular spreader beams are very easily transported, as the modular components break down into 0.25m, 0.5m, 0.75m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 4m lengths. System Rigging can also supply any rigging associated with modular spreader beams.

Proudly Certified Australian Made

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​System Rigging provide a full range of Rigging Hardware, including but not limited to:

Lifting Points -
Shackles -
Clutches -
Container Hooks -
Clamps -
Load Restraints -
Ratchet Straps -
Chain & Lever Hoists -
Sheeve Blocks -
Pipe Lifters -

Need equipment not listed? Give us a call.




We sell, supply and service a large range of slings, including;

- High Performance Synthetic Round slings
- Synthetic Webbing slings

- Standard Range Synthetic Round slings

- Wire Rope slings
- Dyneema slings
- Cable laid grommets

All of our lifting slings are manufactured and tested to Australian Standards and are available in capacities from 1tonne to 300tonne. 




We can supply a full range of "under the hook" fabricated items, such as:

Personnel Access Cages (Man Cages) -
Personnel Rescue Cages -
Material Cages -
Lifting Cages -
Pallet Lifters -
Drum Lifters -
Logistic Cradles -
Lifting Beams -


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