Hardwood Cribbing

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System Rigging are leading the industry in providing safe, cost-effective ground protection and equipment support solutions. We deliver versatile and cost-effective solutions for your ground protection requirements.


System Rigging work with certified timber merchants to ensure that we use sustainable timber supplies that comply with all the relevant responsible forestry legislation, you get the peace of mind of knowing that it is responsibly sourced.

We have conducted extensive research to best understand hardwood timber characteristics and we offer numerous different hardwood options. Our variety of Australian hardwoods are all designated with a minimum strength grade S2, a stress grade of F14, and a durability class 1 (above ground)

We have standard sizes for immediate dispatch, otherwise custom sizing is available on request:

  • 1000 x 245 x 70mm

  • 1200 x 245 x 70mm

All hardwood timber is treated with ammoniacal copper quaternary (ACQ), which is a water-based timber treatment to protect timber from fungi and insects. Manufacturing is finished with a dressed finish and a high strength 12mm black polypropylene rope for easy handling.